Name Gender Classifier

Name gender classifier detects and classifies names based on their gender by combining machine learning techniques with powerful text processing characteristics.

Identify the gender of your clients or followers with guaranteed accuracy and use the information to build successful marketing campaigns based on your target audience’s gender.

Using modern gender identification and classification tools, analyze large lists of present and prospective clients and identify your target audience. Your target demographic is critical for developing efficient targeted marketing initiatives.

Gender marketing has proven to be an effective strategy for many organizations. This is especially true for businesses that create items or provide services tailored to a specific gender.

For example, feminine sanitary items are specifically directed toward women, therefore gender marketing might be advantageous because it attracts the attention of women.

Benefits of Name Gender Classifier

  • Knowing your target demographic is critical for developing a successful, more targeted advertising approach that can convert them.
  • Gender detection can be used to categorize your consumer base and create advertising efforts accordingly.
  • This can aid to increase brand recognition for organizations that use this marketing strategy, which can increase their success.
  • It’s likely that your product appeals to people of all genders. However, it is possible that one gender’s share is significantly greater than the other gender classification to categorize product segments that can assist you to appeal to all gender classes.
  • Name your gender classifier and put procedures in place to build long-term relationships with your clients.

Tools to Use for Name Gender Classifier

  1. BytesView

BytesView’s name gender classifier combines machine learning algorithms with advanced text processing features to detect and classify Names based on their gender.


A simple API for predicting a person’s gender based on their name. The API is free for the first 1000 names per day. There is no need to sign up or obtain an API key. So go ahead and give it a shot.

3. Gender API

You can use this tool to optimize your conversions and let us determine the gender of your customers. The text analysis in the tool is extremely detailed, taking into account parsing, framework, industry, and source.

4. Algorithmia

The tool precisely tells you Gender By Name (First, Last or Full Name). Name of people by country both in English and any language, the result was still precise

5. NPM: Name Gender Classifier

A basic neural network that determines the gender of first names. The current model has been trained for German first names, but it is easily adaptable to any other language.

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